A supportive and inspiring chat where members may communicate with one another and with tradeswithrama 

Welcome to the Premium Trading Floor where Tradeswithrama posts her Weekly Playbooks and Daily Watchlists filled with key levels and price targets

In the Premium Trading Floor, Tradeswithrama will post screen recorded live trades for members to analyze and learn from

Also in the Premium Trading Floor, Tradeswithrama will upload trade recap videos where she will break down her trade; entry, exit, and all the in betweens!


This Premium Trading Floor also contains a Live trading talk channel which will allow members and tradeswithrama to communicate while trading during live market hours

In the Learning Tools category, tradeswithrama will post helpful tips and tricks traders will want to use as strategies for trading

In the Zen Zone members will find a virtual meditation room and other channels to help uplift their mental health every day; releasing stress & anxiety.