Week of Aug 31st

These are the stocks and coordinating levels that I am watching for this week

Reminder: These plays may depend heavily on how the market continues to move. I’m watching SPY to see if we break all time highs and continue to push forward. If the market can’t continue to rally, or takes a big step back, these plays may not happen. To  watch market internals I keep watch of: SPY, $ADD, and VIX. 



AAPL: Calls above 131 {PT#1 135} {PT#2 140} | Puts below 123.50 {PT 120} 

FB: Calls above 297 {PT All Time Highs} | Puts below 290 {PT#1 284} {PT#2 279}

TSLA: Calls above 520 {PT#1 535} {Pt#2 550} | Puts below 470 {PT#1 460} {PT#2 440}


PINS: Calls above 38.25 {PT#1 39.50} {PT#2 40} | Puts below 32.50 {PT#1 31} below 31 for gap fill on downside 

AMD: Calls above 93 {PT#1 95} {PT#2 100} {PT#3 103} | Puts below 79 {PT#1 75} {PT#2 70}

DOCU: Calls above 230 {PT#1 235} {PT#2 240} | Puts below 189 {PT 167} 

BABA: Calls above 292.50 {PT#1 295} {PT#2 300} {PT #3 305} | Puts below 280 {PT#1 275} {PT#2 268}

TGT: Calls above 154.50 {PT#156} {PT#2 158} | Puts below 149.50 {PT#1 147.50} Gap fill on downside below 146.50

Happy Trading!



  • PT: Price Target
  • CALLS: Call Option Contracts play the upside of a stock (Long)
  • PUTS: Put Option Contracts play the downside of a stock (Short)


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: I am not a registered or licensed financial advisor. This is just for educational purposes only and this is just my opinion. Taking a trade is your personal responsibility and is in no way affiliated with me or, tradeswithrama. 

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